Marcos Rojo, the provocateur: he smoked and drank beer in the middle of the field after the coronation of Boca



Moreover, the defender uploaded a social media post where he makes fun of the situation.

Marcos Rojo is a provocateur . After playing paddle tennis in the midst of a pandemic, taking a dip ahead of Boca’s Championship debut and grabbing a fire extinguisher to fight in a Copa Libertadores game, he has now added another chapter to his story. He smoked and drank beer in the middle of the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium after the consecration of Xeneize in the Professional League Cup.

Rojo’s “celebration” went viral on social media and sparked comments for and against. Some supported the footballer, others were against it and some even suggested it was a cut.

The truth is that Rojo did not care about the situation, since a few hours later he posted a message, also provocative, on his social networks: put a picture of Michael Jordan smoking a cigar after winning one of the titles he won with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA. Additionally, he added some laughing face emojis.

After a video of him smoking went viral, Marcos Rojo uploaded the message to his social media. (instagram)

So far, no Boca executive has come to question Rojo’s attitude. It’s no mystery that some footballers smoke, but they are far from doing so in public.

Marcos Rojo, protagonist of the grand final of Argentine football

Beyond his slippages off the field, Marcos Rojo has shown that he is a top footballer when he plays. The defender was the author of the first goal of Boca against Tigre in the final of the Professional League Cup and was very firm throughout the match.

Later, in front of television cameras, he recounted his feelings after the consecration: “This group has always competed. The truth is that we are satisfied with what we do. But we know we are at Boca and we have to keep winning.” said Rojo, who established himself as the second central defender xeneize.

“Now is the time to celebrate now with colleagues, with families. It’s for them who have always cashed in on us,” he commented at the end of the match in which his team beat Tigre 3-0.

Speaking to the TNT Sports channel, the 32-year-old footballer highlighted the rival in the final, assuring that “they are a great team” and that they also “had a great tournament”.

Finally, when asked about his goal (it was the one that opened the scoring), Rojo regretted not having celebrated it with effusion: “I couldn’t celebrate my goal well because I couldn’t see whether the ball went in or not. , but It was a great joy” .

Source: TN

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