The story of the Talleres fan with cancer who went from ‘chemo’ to Kempes



Florencia Sosa told how she copes with her illness and her passion for the “Matador”. “In the 90 minutes I didn’t feel anything,” he said of Wednesday’s game

The Argentinian supporter is one of the most passionate in the world and shows his degree of attachment to his colors day after day. Love for Florencia Sosa Shirt did not go unnoticed and quickly went viral on social media.

The young woman is going through a delicate state of health which forces her to go through intense chemotherapy sessions. But before all that, Flor is a fan of Talleres. And that was demonstrated when she posted a tweet with two photos: one showing her in the middle of the invasive treatment and the other cheering on the ‘Matador’ during the 1-0 win over Universidad Católica de Chile.

From chemo to Kempes, non-stop. Never has the “I don’t know how I’m doing, I don’t know how I’m doing, I just know I’m here to cheer you on” been more literal. You are absolutely everything, dear Ateliers. Thanks always. You fill my soul”, he published on his Twitter account and received many encouraging reactions from Internet users.

In dialogue with Telenoche, Florencia shared her feelings on Wednesday’s historic day:It was worth going to court. Starting to win is priceless. I am very happy. I got out of chemo, my boyfriend waited for me and we went straight to court. I changed in the car and my friends were waiting for me at the entrance to the ‘popu’”.

Asked about the treatment she is undergoing, she revealed: “Chemo takes three to four hours. I arrived with just enough. As they finished giving me the medicine, I saw how much was left for the game. I could see on Google Maps how far the hospital was from Kempes. Then I got out and there was a lot of traffic.

“It’s a difficult and emotionally draining situation.but the fact of being able to do these things, to continue my activities, it is very pleasant. The type of cancer that affected me is very difficult at my age”he reflected.

I left the field half asleep but for the 90 minutes I felt nothing. I got home and felt like a truck had run me over. His legs were miserable. I rested and today I am already excellent”, he declared, happy with the victory of his colors.

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