Grandma Elvira, the historical fan who follows Talleres with her oxygen backpack



She is 81 years old, suffers from cystic fibrosis, but the disease does not stop her. His grandchildren have inherited his passion and still prevail on the pitch.

The game was over. She kept sitting in the stalls Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium with his oxygen backpack. His gaze was lost in the direction of the playing field. He was happy because the team he loved won on his Copa Libertadores debut. Around him, few people remained in the gallery.

She is Queen Elvirahistorical fan of workshops. When she was four years old, her father took her to court for the first time. Since then, he hasn’t missed an Albiazul match and has coped with his illness. Nothing stops him. The 81-year-old grandmother suffers cystic fibrosis and he can’t go out without his oxygen backpack. But that doesn’t mean a problem.

Wednesday, Pedro Caixinha’s team won 1-0 against the Chilean team in Kempes and it was a real party. There was Elvira. His photo has gone viral on social media. “The lady didn’t want to miss such a party,” Gonzalo Palacios wrote after capturing and sharing the moment.

The fans receive her with honors every time she goes on the field. In dialogue with The lizard showGrandmother Elvira said that night they hugged her and kissed her. His passion is so great that his whole family is from Talleres: he has nine children, 35 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren. To everyone’s surprise, only one of his children is a fan of Belgrano.

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Elvira is the Matador’s number one fan. Her grandchildren have re-enrolled her as a member and she says she is very happy. They don’t want her to stay at home anymore, and every time the T plays at home, she says she’s there. “It gives me life. The air of the stadium suits me”he expressed between two laughs.

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