In Manaus, the social martial arts project monitors the physical and behavioral evolution of students



Martial arts projects go beyond teaching self-defense techniques. In many of them young people learn about education, citizenship and socialization; and evolve in the physical and mental aspects. The Manaus core of the Caixa Mais Lutas Loterias Project recently carried out a physical and behavioral assessment of the students assisted by the action. The idea is to compare the results of now with the new tests that will be carried out in the future.

“By making a more simplistic analysis and without using more technical tools, the evolution of these children is perceptible, especially in the social question. There is a strong integration between the beneficiaries and this is evident day after day during the participation in the activities” , emphasizes Rômulo Sena. , responsible for the unit.

“Regarding the technical, physical and motor aspects, we have positive responses from the teachers who work in the daily life of these children, and it is with this premise that we plan these evaluations, in the sense of observing some characteristics that can be influenced by practice. of combat “, complements.

The Caixa Mais Lutas lottery program is an initiative of the Latin Association for Sports, Cultural and Environmental Development (ALDEeA) and is present in Rocinha (Rio de Janeiro), Tibau do Sul (Rio Grande do Norte) and Manaus. The action provides a framework for social projects to bring the technical and philosophical teachings of jiu-jitsu and Olympic wrestling to the youth of these regions. According to Rômulo Sena, the idea is to further improve the entire study process.

“The evaluation represents the starting point for future comparisons. From the collection of these data we will have parameters for possible comparisons, since these isolated results represent only the initial condition of the beneficiaries”, underlines the leader of Caixa Mais Lutas in Manaus.

The Caixa Mais Lutas Lotteries project is a sports initiation project in combat modes (Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling) for school-age children and adolescents (7 to 17 years old). The initiative gives access to the guided practice of sports and recreational activities, aiming at their integral development, consequently strengthening sporting methods and the democratization of access to sport, as well as their training for the exercise of citizenship.

Lessons take place from 2 (two) to 3 (three) times a week, lasting 50 minutes. Each member can practice more than 1 (one) sport, as long as there are places available. Registration is free and takes place at the project headquarters, at specific lesson times:

Nucleo Manaus / AM – Avenida João Câmara, 1535 A, Novo Aleixo – Manaus / AM

Core Rio de Janeiro / RJ – Travessa Esperança, 20, Rocinha – Rio de Janeiro / RJ

Núcleo Tibau do Sul / RN – Municipal gymnasium, Avenida Três Poderes, s / nº, Centro – Tibau do Sul / RN

Source: Terra

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