Ceni talks about ‘pride’ in Sao Paulo after conquering Palmeiras’ unbeaten record in Copa do Brasil



The coach says fans must evaluate the Tricolore matches against the leader of Brasileirão

For those who followed Rogério Ceni’s interview last Monday (20), the first point to note on Thursday evening (23), after the 1-0 victory from St. Paul on Palmeiras, in Morumbi, in the first leg of the second round of Brazil cup, is the face of the coach. Animation? Far from it. The feeling is one of satisfaction. And the tricolor commander was able to underline only one point, the pride of his team to play on par with the rival he leads with the throw-ins Brazilian championship and boasted 19 unbeaten games.

Rogério Ceni during the Tricolore victory over Palmeiras, at Morumbi (Photo: Rubens Chiri / São Paulo FC)


– I am proud to work in Sao Paulo and to face big teams like Palmeiras, Corinthians, Santos … Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, like it was on Monday. But playing on par with the leader of Brasileiro, who had the best season in the group stage of the Libertadores, is a source of pride for the fans to see that we can play on par.

If in the second Ceni’s speech sounded like a flawed justification for the simple reason that the coach was looking for quality in the midst of a traumatic turning point, this time the same sentence took on another connotation, in front of a Tricolor that has imposed itself and dominated the hitherto feared rival alviverde.

– The only game to forget was Allianz Parque (final of the San Paolo championship, 4-0 defeat). The biggest lesson I learned was to believe in my beliefs, with second class players being the same as today. In 194 minutes we were ahead, in just one minute Palmeiras was ahead. Believe in beliefs and work.

For this – and for that – Ceni endorsed the belief of climbing the same Serie B team. The agenda was controversial. After the traumatic turning point, the coach said that the decision to put maximum strength on the pitch was not just his. They were mixed feelings, implying caution with a low cast, weighed down by eight injuries (he has won one more now, from Arboleda) and lack of direction for the outcome. The cast themselves tried to solve the problem. according to TO THROW! found, the executives met with the coach and made themselves available. They made Palmeiras suffocate. They wanted to give an answer. She came. Support also from the board itself, as revealed by Ceni himself.

– The conviction was the same as on Monday, it was the best team I had in mind to face Palmeiras. Today it started pretty much the same, just some movement changes, which we underwent with some adjustments. Time we only had a work of minutes to reach the mark when Dudu overtook. It was a sure team that on Monday could have come out with the same result, but sometimes we analyze the game in reverse. My great virtue was seeing that I could repeat the athletes and the great virtue of the athletes was to give that answer, that delivery, that dedication on the field.

And since he could not miss it, the coach took advantage of the ‘crest of the wave’ to catch the treatment he received after the second game.

– Sometimes people like to attack the coach because he represents a lot of the institution. I guarantee you that the guy who can best represent the institution in this difficult time is here. But I understand. You beat me a lot, but I was made to be beaten like that. I make choices. The club can choose to eliminate me. But working with the club work and who do I know? Sorry, you won’t find anyone who knows and works so hard.


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