Facu Campazzo was sent off and the player he pushed threatened him



The Cordovan attacked a Lakers player. Later, his rival berated him on social media.

The Cordovan leader Facundo Campazzo FHe was sent off against the Los Angeles Lakers by a flagrant foul on Wayne Ellington.

After the match, his rival threatened him on Twitter.

The incident occurred during the second trimester, when Campazzo pushed Wayne Ellington hard in the backwhich earned him the expulsion for flagrant misconduct.

What is striking is that the scandalous episode did not end on the pitch, since once the match was over the attacked player threatened the Argentinian via his Twitter account.

“When I see you, I will lay my hands on you”wrote the Pennsylvania forward.

This meeting was in NBA regular season closing and it was believed that the Argentine would add many minutes to that as the Nuggets opted to save their most important players for the start of the Playoffs.

But The Cordovan didn’t reach 10 minutes on the pitch and was expelled.

The duel was equal but the victory was taken the visiting team (Ángeles Lakers) and the match ended 146-141.

Source: Eldoce

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