Tiago Leifert criticizes the website for monetizing an apology to Klara Castanho



The reporter criticized the apology the platform made to the actress that it was broadcast in a monetized way

Tiago Leifert spoke through social networks, this Monday, 27, about the retraction made by the Metrópoles portal, after all the controversies involving Klara Castanho. He expressed his outrage at the apology that the site intended the actress to have been broadcast in a monetized way.

In a video posted, the reporter began his speech by saying that the site has made a serious mistake. “I just wanted to make an observation. Portal apologizing for the big mistake made this weekend, you know which one, ”he said.

He later claimed that the portal was cashing in on the apology. “Billing and sorry. Advertising, advertising, advertising, advertising. It’s just a reflection for all of us on the Internet, to think about who we follow and what we consume, ”she added.

Leifert also pointed out that some websites today publish cases like this one, because the compensation is small. “Because today an absurdity is very worth publishing. The machine works, the compensation is small, the nonsense is worth publishing, ”she said.

Source: Terra

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