Vanderlei Luxembourg announces Tocantins’ pre-nomination for the Senate



Owner of a state television station, the coach wants to devote himself to a political career and will leave sport aside

Vanderlei Luxenburg will give a new direction to its trajectory. On Wednesday, the coach announced he was a pre-candidate for the federal Senate representing Tocantins state in the 2022 election.

Although born in Nova Iguaçu, a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the coach lives and has investments in Tocantins, “land of opportunity and hard-working people,” according to the coach.

“I left home very early to fulfill my dream of being a footballer. It wasn’t easy, but with great pride I can say that sport saved my life. Difficulties have always been the fuel to overcome obstacles and fight. for what I believe in “In sport I have accomplished my mission. I studied a lot, worked as a team and brought innovation and management into my business, “said the coach.

Satisfied with his trajectory as a player and manager, Luxembourg says he is ready to follow a new path. He joined the PSB in March to contest the elections.

“I have become a winner, recognized in Brazil and around the world. But life presents me with a new mission. To represent our Tocantins. The state in which I have chosen to live and in which to invest,” said the coach in a video published on its social networks.

Away from the pitch since joining Cruzeiro last year, the manager has been unable to bring the Minas Gerais side back to the football elite. With victorious spells in Palmeiras, Santos and Corinthians, the coach is the biggest winner of the Brazilians, with five conquests.

Luxembourg also commanded the Brazilian team and won the Copa América title in 1999. In his resume, he also has a stint at the helm of Real Madrid. In the Merengue team, he commanded Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zidane and David Beckham.

Source: Terra

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