Responsibility and humanization: the specialist reveals the success of Abel Ferreira at the Palmeiras



In exclusive content for LANCE !, Fabiana Teixeira, communication expert, highlights important points that make the coach an example to follow

The success of Abel Ferreira in command of the palms. In just over a year and a half at the helm of Alviverde, the coach has already won two Libertadores, a Copa do Brasil, a Recopa and a Paulistão. Exclusive content for TO THROW!the communication specialist, Fabiana Teixeira, analyzes the salient points of this management.


At the same time as the Portuguese shows agitation on the edge of the pitch, the calm and tranquility in guiding the players who share the same great opinion about the coach is evident. Hence the motto “cold head, warm heart”.

In this sentence, try to convey a unique blend of reason and emotion. It is with this behavior that he has created a bond with the fans, his athletes and even with those who do not support the alviverde club.

– Abel Ferreira uses all the elements of a good communicator: he tells stories, gets excited when he talks about his family and also shows vulnerability by recognizing that he doesn’t admire some of his attitudes on the pitch, but that they are stronger reactions than sometimes he can’t contain himself . In other words, he uses the technique of humanization, which is very important in any communication – explains Fabiana.

The expert says that it is not necessary to try to be ‘flawless’ for other people to identify and admire them. According to her, Abel accumulates all the requirements for good leadership.


– Many think that to be a leader it is necessary to be cold or impersonal when expressing one’s demands and needs. But in effect, the ‘imperfection’ of being yourself creates a bond between communicator and listener, from the moment they can see themselves in you. To inspire, you don’t need to be a flawless role model, and Abel is proving that as he is increasingly integrated with his team and team-says about him.

Also according to Fabiana, in football, the importance of having good communication is no different from other places and situations. By comparison, in a recent situation, former Palmeiras player Gabriel Verón was caught in a ballad on the eve of a decisive match in Copa do Brasil.

The club council fined the player, but left it to the manager to decide whether or not to remove him from the team. Most of the coaches would have opted for extra punishment, but Abel did the opposite: he called Verón and put him on the line.

– A decision of this type, even if it challenges internal discipline, works in favor of the coach, especially in the environment of super corporatism that exists among footballers. Even though Palmeiras lost that match, the performance on the pitch was the best he could get from his athletes. In other words: Abel was able to manage the crisis between the team, the people who are under his responsibility, and he was not complacent as many said, but empathetic with his player who made a mistake, and aware of the level of this error compared to the Verón’s performance so far – he said.

The leadership of the Portuguese at Palmeiras and the revolution he initiated in the various areas of the club are as important as the knowledge of the ball on the pitch, which has already proved to be formidable.

– Communicate masterfully with the group, encourage, challenge and go beyond the daily conversation. Abel also has special mantras, which are not only repeated by players, but are also taken up by people from Palmeiras around the world: “Next Gym”, “24 hours to celebrate a victory and 24 hours to mourn a defeat”, “We we are all one “, among many others” – said Fabiana, who concluded:

– For anyone in a position of communicator, it is worth hearing an important lesson that Abel brought us to the other side of the Atlantic: to lead humans, to inspire them to be the best, we must also show ourselves themselves as human beings in return.

These are undoubtedly concepts that should not only be applicable in the sports field. Abel Ferreira is an example of a professional, but above all of a human being. May everyone learn a little from him every day.

Source: Terra

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