Sasha Trusova has been humiliated for a week for wanting to do a quintuple jump. She wants to make history, but they laugh at her



Alexandra Trusova shared her dream Photo: Valery Zvonarev

Why destroy the dream?

Alexandra Trusova made a confession a few days ago, and since then she’s probably regretted her outspokenness hundreds of times. “I want to try to learn the quintuple jump. If it works, I want to do it first. Not just in women,” Alexandra said.

And immediately a wave of hatred hit her. It seemed that Trusova had offended someone with her desire to go down in history.

Who is against Trusova

Most of all, Alexei Yagudin laughed at Alexandra Trusova’s desire.

– Sasha Trusova wants to make a five? And I dream of winning an Oscar, for example. But, as they say, it’s not harmful to dream, ”cracked the Olympic champion on Alexandra. And then he got her.

“It would be better if Sasha at least once dreamed of skating a free program properly with quads,” Yagudin said.

The wave was picked up by Irina Rodnina.

– Trusova jumps and does not roll. What five? First I would like to see a full program with its quadruple jumps and women’s skating, – said the star of Soviet sports.

Alexander Zhulin joined the army of skeptics.

“Five Trusova? As Professor Alexei Mishin, whom I respect and appreciate as a specialist, says: “This will not happen in his lifetime.” Therefore, I venture to doubt, – said the coach.

Tatyana Tarasova simply exuded sarcasm.

– Let him teach! When she learns, she will show, – launched Tatyana Anatolyevna, and all along it was felt that she did not for a moment believe in such a possibility.

And even the smartest Ilya Averbukh criticized Trusova’s idea.

– I don’t believe in the five Trusova. It is in vain, – said Averbukh.

That is, almost all the masters of figure skating united against 17-year-old Alexandra Trusova and her desire to enter the city. How not to crack? How not to give up on a dream?

Alexandra TrousovaAlexandra Trousova

Who is for Trusova

But many were those who supported Sasha. And it turns out that most of the young people were on his side.

Evgenia Medvedeva found the most powerful words.

I think she’s ready. This is Sasha, she can handle it, – said Evgenia.

Maxim Maxaim Trankov also has no doubts about the highest jumping figure skater of our time.

– I think that in the near future we will see a quintuple jump from Trusova. Knowing Sasha, her determination and her character, we can confidently say that there will definitely be an attempt at such a leap,” Trankov said.

A lot of people agree with them. And the most unexpected support came from Evgeni Plushenko.

– I believe Trusova can perform a five. It’s possible. If Sasha succeeds, she will become an even greater figure skater, ”said the coach, with whom Trusova studied for a whole year.

Alexandra TrousovaAlexandra Trousova

Tutberidze is silent: will someone in his team take care of Trusova’s dream?

The only part that remains silent in this situation is Eteri Tutberidze and his team’s coaches. Neither Eteri Georgievna herself, nor the always silent Sergei Dudakov, nor anyone else from Khrustalny, who works with Alexandra Trusova, commented on her words. Although in this story of five jumps, a lot depends on the coaches.

A five-trick jump will most likely have to be learned using a “fishing rod” – a special device that the coach holds in his hands, and the skater hangs on a special fishing line. But not everyone can cope with this “fishing rod”.

– To work on a fishing rod, certain qualities are required. It must be a big enough person, at the same time skating well, to follow the skater and not interfere with him,” famous coach Rafael Harutyunyan told RT.

Will someone at Tutberidze’s headquarters take care of all this? On the one hand, it is laborious, on the other hand, if it is the daughter of Khrustalny who is the first to make a five-turn jump, it will be a plus for the brand.

Sasha’s dream has the right to exist

And this is certainly necessary for Alexandra Trusova herself. She is the athlete who proves that figure skating is still a sport. This jump in is always the base. Before the 2022 Olympics, Alexandra believed that five quadruple jumps would bring her the title of champion. Did not work. But he still went down in history as the first to do so many quads in one program, and that’s important to her. It is also important to be the first to jump five.

And she herself again stated that she believes in the reality of such an element.

– I tried before, but it’s not jump training anymore, but attempts. I didn’t say I would jump on it. I said if I practice this jump, I want to jump earlier than everyone else. I’m not saying I’m going to jump for sure, but I think it’s real,” she said.

But it looks like Alexandra needs to hurry. She will be 18 in June. And even quads are the lot of young people. As soon as Trusova’s body begins to change, the center of gravity will shift, it will no longer be up to five. Thus, the pursuit of Sasha’s dream may not be so long. But she is certainly entitled to it.

Source: KP

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