Boca repudiated the racist act of a fan in Brazil and analyzes the sanctions to be applied



Leonardo Ponzo was arrested in São Paulo on Tuesday after making gestures against Corinthians fans.

Blocked repudiated the racist gestures that a fan made during the preview of the match against the Cortinthians in San Pablo, for the Copa Libertadores. Additionally, he noted that analyze possible sanctions which will be the responsibility of the person responsible for the act.

Leonardo Ponzo made gestures suggesting Timao fans were monkeys , which is why he was arrested at the Arena Corinthians stadium and had to spend the night in a police station. On Wednesday morning, he was released after posting bail.

Boca condemned the racist gestures and analyzes the penalties for those responsible. (Picture: Boca Juniors Twitter)

“Club Atlético Boca Juniors expresses its absolute rejection of racist and xenophobic gestures from a fan to Corinthians supporters. At the next board meeting, the measures to be implemented and possible sanctions to be applied “, they warned from the official Xeneize account.

Who is Leonardo Ponzo, the Boca fan arrested for racism in Brazil

Leonardo Ponzo is 42 years old, he is originally from Mendoza and lives in the town of Bowen, in the General Alvear district. He is married, has children and is a merchant. A Boca fan, he has a flag with the name “Bowen” which he usually wears at matches. In addition, on his profile he proudly shows several photos with Di Zeo, the head of the bar Xeneize who was also in San Pablo to encourage the team of Sebastián Battaglia from the sector where La Doce was.

Leonardo Ponzo with Rafael Di Zeo (Facebook).
Leonardo Ponzo with Rafael Di Zeo (Facebook).

“En la tribuna nadie sabía quién era, increíble lo que hizo, además fue el único que se behavior así, porque todos los demás gritaban por Boca”, the contó a TN un hincha de Boca que estuvo en el Arena San Pablo y vio todo what happened.

Ponzo has a retail business called El Monarca and in March 2021 opened football pitches in the same neighborhood.

River punishes fan who threw a banana at Fortaleza supporters

A few weeks ago, a similar situation was experienced at the Monumental stadium, when a River fan threw a banana at Fortaleza fans during a Copa Libertadores duel.

After several days of investigation, the millionaire authorities decided suspend that person for six months as a partner . His card has been deactivated, so he will not be able to enter the facilities during this time. Additionally, you will need to make a INADI awareness course .

TERRIBLE. A River fan threw a banana at Fortaleza (Picture: Capture)

Source: TN

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