WhatsApp: reactions to messages are available today



Starting today, WhatsApp reactions will be two-pronged (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Mark Zuckerberg himself announced it on his Facebook page.

The founder and CEO of the technology company Goal Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the reactions to the messages on WhatsApp are already available to users.

“Reactions on WhatsApp are starting to work today,” the manager wrote on his personal Facebook account, followed by a series of emoticons that would be available in the messaging app.

WhatsApp: reactions to messages are available today

These are the thumbs up emoji, heart, laughing crying face, surprised face, sad face, and hands clasped in gratitude. This was added forhelp spread thanks and appreciation “, as explained by Zuckerberg, who also assured that “other expressions will come soon”.

For the moment, the manager has not given more details about how to react to whatsapp messages nor what is the version of the application in which this novelty was introduced.

What are WhatsApp reactions for?

The reactions of WhatsApp, as in other social networks, serve to respond to a message without saying anything. It’s more than a seen or read, but less than a reply message.

In WhatsApp they are sent by doing a long touch on the message and choosing from the list of available reactions. Reactions are also compatible with all versions of WhatsApp including WhatsApp Web and desktop version.

The portal specializing in leaks WABetaInfohad already advanced the reactions accompanied by screenshots.

WhatsApp: reactions to messages are available today

What reactions are available on WhatsApp

The six emojis that Zuckerberg has advanced and arriving starting today are the easiest to use.

  • ???? Thumbs up. It’s an OK sign. It is used to say that you agree or simply that you have read what he wrote to you or seen what he sent to you.
  • ❤️ Heart. It is an emoji with which you can say that you like something, like it or like it.
  • ???? Laugh. This is used to express that you were amused by something they sent you
  • ???? Surprise face. Obviously, what they have written or sent to you surprises you.
  • ???? Sad face. It’s that simple: what they sent you embarrasses you or makes you want to cry
  • ???? Palms together. It can mean many things: it can be to ask something (like a please), to say I hope something happens or something happens to you, to wish something happens good or that you send support to this person.

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