Goals in the paddock and explosion on TikTok: the story of “Receba”, the crack admired by Neymar



Iran Ferreira is a Brazilian tiktoker who has gone viral for his exquisite punch and peculiar celebrations. Today, he has more than 30 million followers on all his social networks, including several great football players.

Iran-Ferreira better known as Luva de Pedreiro (mason’s glove) or top dresser went viral on social networks but especially on ICT Tac . Iran is a 20-year-old man who suffered a difficult childhood and was born in Brazil country that breathes soccer .

And precisely, his videos are related to this sport: He is recorded on a precarious ground, which comes closest to a paddock, and shows his impressive technique with luxury, big goals and crazy celebrations that always culminate in the same cry: “Receba!”.

Another significant detail of his videos is his clothing: Always receive wears the jerseys of the most important teams in the world . Even in one of her most popular Tiktoks, she wears River .

The rage against Receba is total: only on TikTok, he has nearly 15 million followers and among all the virtual platforms, it accumulates more than 30 million. His most viewed video reached 88 million views and others exceed 60 million.

Real Madrid’s Brazilian left-back Marcelo imitated a video of Receba (Video: Twitter/@realmadrid)

As if that weren’t enough, world-class footballers, such as Neymar Jr. ., they meet him and ask him for pictures. He also had the pleasure of meeting Ronaldinho and Pele: “Boy, your tribute made me smile. Thanks for the love. Get my hug,” “O Rei” wrote on Instagram.

Besides, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. ., the son of the Portuguese star, idolizes him and tries to imitate him. Same Marcello the historic left side of Real Madrid, replied one of his videos.

“My first dream is to help my parents and my community. But I also want to travel, see the world, meet players… My biggest dream is to meet Neymar Jr.” had said the tiktoker in a dialogue with Discard!. And, finally, he was able to get his wish.

Receba met Ronaldinho and bowed to him (Photo: Instagram/@luvadepedreiro)

The hard story of Receba

Despite her good times, life hasn’t always been easy for Receba. In an interview, the young man confessed that he had to start working at the age of 9 to help his father: “My childhood was a bit tough, to be honest. I worked hard since I was little to provide a good livelihood for my family. In my free time, I played ball. The place where I live is very good, only that I haven’t had any opportunities. I wanted to be a player ”.

The influencer always He wears gloves that he wears during his celebrations when you thank God. In fact, Luva de Pedreiro is a fictional name which in Portuguese means “mason’s glove while “Receba” is an expression similar to “¡To go !”.

Receba and a great goal with the River shirt (Video: TikTok: @luvadepedreiro)

Although the young man could not fulfill his dream of being a footballer, he had the chance to meet several legends of Brazilian football and record one of his legendary videos in the facilities of the Vasco da Gama the club of his loves.

Source: TN

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