Google I/O 2022: Everything we’ll see at the May 11 event



For I/O 2022, Google would have news for its software and also new hardware on hand. (Photo: AP/Ng Han Guan)

What products and services will the tech giant showcase at its developer meeting?

Next week Google will hold one of its main events of the year, where it is expected to announce premieres for its Software as well as new products from Material. True to the nature of the encounter, I/O 2022 The focus is again on development professionals, although it will include presentations that are of interest to the general public as well.

Google I/O 2022: date and time of the event

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 May . The event will be 100% in line and can be tracked through official Google channels. In This site it is possible to find more information, with some clues about the announcements that we will attend.

Those interested in following I/O 2022 news should turn on the screens to 12 p.m. in Argentina .

I/O 2022: the news that Google will present at the event for developers

As we pointed out, the tech giant is preparing announcements both in its Software as novelties in its catalog of Material. As per usual, android This will be the focus of many announcements.

Android 13 at Google I/O 2022

Although Android saw its main aesthetic changes in 2021 with version 12, android 13 It will come with a series of interesting changes that will be officially revealed at the Google event next week.

Google I/O 2022: Everything we'll see at the May 11 event

Dubbed “Tiramisu”, the new version of the most popular mobile operating system among smartphones is already circulating in beta versions and, in the meantime, is being tested by developers. As we count in Techno TN Android 13 is highlighted by a new permission management for apps sending notifications, which makes it special focus on privacy . Visual changes are also expected, bringing Android 12’s “Material You” interface to more apps.

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With Google I/O 2022 as the unmissable milestone for Android 13, the roadmap shows that a new test edition with fixes will be released around July or August, and the final version of the mobile OS will arrive after August.

Pixel 6a: a new phone from Google

At I/O 2022, there will also be room for Material, at least that is speculated in the previous one. Google should announce the Pixel 6a, a more accessible version compared to the already launched models Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro .

Naturally, being cheaper, it will arrive with a more modest technical sheet. In addition to that, the mobile phone would be enhanced with the tensor chip (developed by the American company itself) which was hailed in the Pixel 6 series. What would be the discounts? One option being considered is for the Model 6a to arrive with a lower screen refresh rate than its catalog peers, which offer 90Hz and 120Hz respectively.

Pixel Watch: Google’s first smartwatch would be presented at I/O 2022

Next week’s event will also be highlighted by the announcement of the first smart watch from google . Although the manufacturer has offered its own operating system (Wear OS) to other companies that market smartwatches, it has not yet launched its own product. Material in this segment.

In Techno TN We review the rumors and leaks regarding Pixel Watch , which would have a circular screen, barely visible glasses and an optical sensor to measure heart rate. The device is said to be running Wear OS 3.1, Software which should make its debut in this product. What will it look like? A prototype found on a restaurant table in the United States offers telling clues.

Google I/O 2022: Everything we'll see at the May 11 event

It’s also possible that Google will show only a few previews of its watch at I/O 2022, and that the portable will be released later this year alongside the new Pixel family phones.

I/O 2022: Will Google present its first foldable cellphone?

In the dance of rumors we heard that We could be surprised at I / O 2022 with the Pixel Fold, the first foldable mobile phone from the Mountain View company . It should be noted that speculation is somewhat unlikely (especially based on previous reports that Google has abandoned this project) although we shouldn’t rule it out completely.

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There is also talk of a team called NestHub which would have a display detachable for use as a tablet running Android 13. Any doubts will begin to dissipate next Wednesday, when the lights come on on stage at Google I/O 2022.

Source: TN

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