Microsoft’s browser outperforms Apple’s: 5 facts about Edge’s advantage over Safari



Microsoft Edge reached a 10% share, above rival Safari; Chrome is still far behind with more than 66%. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser industry, while Edge becomes the second most used on desktop computers.

An update in the segment of the web browsers becomes relevant depending on invaded Edge at Safari . According to data from StatCounter, the Navigator from Microsoft is now the second most popular on desktop devices, leaving Apple’s program in third place.

Edge has overtaken Safari: 5 facts about the change in the browser industry

  • On desktop computers, Edge now has a share of just over 10%, putting it on the second step of the podium .
(Source: StatCounter)
(Source: StatCounter)
  • With this number, outmoded apple safari which holds a 9.6% stake according to data published by StatCounter.
  • Google Chrome is still a leader with a lot of advantages . Its share is over 66%. In fourth position appears Mozilla Firefox (7.8%), with a drop compared to its performance in previous months.
  • The landscape is very different on mobile devices, where Edge has a very small stake . In these teams, Chrome dominates with more than 64% and the version of Safari for iOS has a share of almost 25%.

  • Overall (adding all platforms), Microsoft Edge remains in third place with just a 4% share. Chrome leads with more than 64% and Safari follows with 19%.

Microsoft Edge: 3 facts about the browser

Microsoft's browser outperforms Apple's: 5 facts about Edge's advantage over Safari
  • the Software debuted in 2015, but three years later began to gain popularity when Microsoft based the program on Chromium the same code that works with Google Chrome.
  • Edge replaces the famous Microsoft Internet Explorer, which will be permanently retired in the middle of this year, as we have in Techno TN .
  • Edge’s growth is also explained by the fact that it is the default web browser enabled Windows 11 .

Why does Edge “beat” Safari on desktop devices?

The statistic has an obvious support: Microsoft has weight in the desktop sector, but not in the mobile sector . On the contrary, Apple markets its Macs, even if its share of the smartphone market is greater thanks to the iPhone.

Microsoft Edge share expected to increase on desktop as Windows 11 progresses and continues to replace the previous version of the operating system, Windows 10. Naturally, users can choose their preferred browser, although arriving by default is a variable that contributes to the growth of usage statistics.

Source: TN

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