Apple accuses ‘stealth’ company of stealing its trade secrets to make processors



Apple is targeting a recently created and little-known company called Rivos, dedicated to the development of computer chips. (Photo: AP/Mark Lennihan)

The Cupertino company points out that the Rivos startup hired former employees who handed over large volumes of confidential information.

Manzana filed a lawsuit in the Court of California, United States, against the start rivers . accuses him of steal trade secrets for the manufacture of processors, according to the agency Reuters.

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The plaintiff argues that this firm (of recent creation) carefully selected engineers who worked at Apple, and that by hiring them, it succeeded in confidential information about M1 chips which are included on Mac computers.

Apple vs. Rivos: 5 facts on demand

  • The Cupertino company points out in its lawsuit that former employees who migrated to Rivos took many gigabytes sensitive data , including chip design information. In this sense, they speak of a “coordinated campaign”.
  • The documents detail that last year Rivos has hired more than 40 former Apple engineers . The lawsuit alleges the employer encouraged employees to copy numerous documents before leaving the company that makes iPhone and Mac computers.
  • The start targeted by Apple was created last year and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.
  • In his report, The edge He describes it as a “stealth” company, which did not advertise and stayed out of sight.
  • Apple also notes that several employees accused of stealing secret information attempted to erase data from their devices.

What is Apple asking for in its lawsuit?

The company headed by Tim Cook points out that its secrets could be used to “significantly accelerate” the development of processors that its competitors bring to market. In this context, Apple has asked the court to stop Rivos from obtaining revenue from its trade secrets .

He also requested that his former employees be ordered to return the confidential documents and that he be awarded an (undisclosed) sum of money in damages.

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They insisted that the start indicated carried out these actions in a coordinated manner and trying to keep them secret. “We have reason to believe that Rivos instructed at least some Apple employees to download and install apps for encrypted communications (e.g., the Signal app) before continuing to communicate with them,” Apple said in the lawsuit.

Apple’s court filing also specifically targets two former Apple employees, Bhasi Kaithamana and Ricky Wen, who allegedly breached their confidentiality agreements by bringing internal documents to Rivos.

Source: TN

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