Gaming Clinic with Yago Fawaz



The pro FIFA gamer will tell you how to set up the best setup and some of the secrets that made him stand out in eSports.

After the presentation of its innovation strategy, Ford continues to develop facets that bring the brand closer to new themes in full swing. In recent years, one of them has been gaming. With over 400 million players worldwide eSports keeps growing . In Argentina, according to data from the Association of Electronic and Electromechanical Sports, there are already more than 19 million players, which is almost half of the inhabitants of the whole country.

During the pandemic, the growth was 20% and this is explained, in addition to having had more time to spend indoors, by the great boost of the big sponsors in the competitions, which translates into millionaire prizes.

In this opportunity, Ford held a clinic to continue learning about esports with professional FIFA player Yago Fawaz . During the show, you will learn about its secrets, the best settings and what to consider in different situations.

Who is Iago Fawaz?

Iago Fawaz alone He is 21 years old but he has already entered the history of eSports . In 2019 he was a runner-up with Argentina at the FIFA World Cup and last year he was the only Argentinian and American to feature in the eChampions League.

Under the wing of KRÜ Esports, the Argentinian traveled to Europe in 2020 to fulfill the premise imposed by the team owner, Sergio Agüero, who seeks to unite the two continents through eSports. Prior to joining Team Kun, Yago was a representative for West Ham United, Independiente and 9z Team.

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