Google launches the platform for the transparency of electoral advertising



Google launches the platform for the transparency of electoral advertising

Google launched the “Political Advertising Transparency Report” in Brazil on Wednesday 23, 100 days before the general election. The page was created to provide greater transparency on election advertising displayed across all of the company’s platforms. The tool collects information updated in real time on all advertisements purchased on Google, YouTube and partner sites.

According to the company, the report will include advertisements mentioning political parties, candidates for federal-level positions in Brazil, and current holders of these positions. It will also be possible to access information on companies or individuals who have purchased election ads, in addition to the amount paid.

The page shows all the ads that have been viewed and also those that have been removed due to violations of the tool’s policies. In the case of a disapproved ad, the image or video will be replaced with a message explaining that the content has been disapproved.

The tool is already available in countries such as Australia, the United States, India, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Taiwan. The launch in Brazil is part of Google’s initiative, in partnership with the Higher Electoral Court (TSE), to view official election information and bring greater transparency to the process.

This year, YouTube launched a new election integrity policy responsible for removing content that spreads false fraud allegations in the 2018 election.

Source: Terra

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