Nubank launches the debit card for young people from 12 years old



The new product, aimed at minors, is still in the testing phase and can be requested by mothers and fathers who already have a fintech account

Looking to expand its customer base, Nubank announced Thursday 23rd that it will begin testing account opening for adolescents between 12 and 17 years old. The service must be authorized by parents via the app and will initially be released to a small portion of customers who already have a fintech account.

According to Nubank, the expectation is that the novelty will encourage young people to manage their money safely and transparently.

In this first version, young people will have access to a debit card with a limit linked to the amount available on the account, as well as features such as mobile top-up, Pix, commission-free transfers, online debit purchases and withdrawals at ATMs in the country. . ; other services such as credit cards, investments and loans will not be available.

Mothers and fathers who want to test the service will first need to receive an invitation from Nubank in their app. Subsequently, they will have to fill in the registration data of the minor who will have access to the account and, subsequently, they will be able to share opinions with the company and contribute to the improvement of the product.

The offer is expected to extend to other customers in the coming months and will not generate any additional costs for parents who register their children. The account cannot be opened directly by the minor, for security reasons.

Nubank is known for the credit card, called 'roxinho'

Source: Terra

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