The government announces provisional profiles on social networks until the 2022 elections



Official government profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will be temporarily replaced to avoid problems with electoral legislation

The federal government announced on Wednesday (29) that it will suspend activities on its official social media accounts until the 2022 elections. During the period, the administration will use temporary profiles, created specifically for this purpose. Uncertainties about jurisdictional interpretations are cited as one of the reasons for the provision.

Planalto Palace

Electoral legislation prohibits publicity from advertising institutional actions in the three months preceding the elections.

In a statement released on Twitter, Planalto states that the networks will be temporarily replaced between 2 July and the end of the 2022 elections. After this period they will be reactivated.

In the new profiles, according to the text, “only content that is unequivocally compliant with electoral legislation will be published”.

According to the newspaper metropolis, comments will be moderated to avoid advertising in this space. Campaigns authorized by the Higher Electoral Court (TSE), such as vaccination, remain open.

The government’s institutional profile on Twitter released the new accounts:

  • Instagram
  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

So far, no one has gotten the verified profile badge from their respective platforms.

The government has doubts and uncertainties

Planalto believes that there is “an enormous degree of uncertainty” arising from the various jurisdictional interpretations. The agency mentions, for example, doubts about old publications, made before the election period.

To make this decision, Planalto consulted the legal office of the Presidency of the Republic, the Attorney General (AGU) and the Special Secretariat for Social Communications (Secom).

The precaution goes beyond the plateau. In a letter sent to Ministries, Secretariats, Casa Civile, Vice-Presidency and related institutions, the government suggests hiding profiles on social networks until the end of the 2022 Elections. The orientation is the same: create temporary accounts for the period.

The practice of not updating or even deactivating social media during the election period is not new. News from 2018 and 2020, for example, shows how city halls, state governments, and federal administration bodies have changed websites, stopped posting content, or suspended the use of social media.

With information: Power 360, Metropolis.

The government announces provisional profiles on social networks until the 2022 elections

Source: Terra

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