Mystery of shoe shapes: German police try to identify the mysterious drowned



Using the latest computer technology, a new photo portrait of a mysterious gentleman has been compiled and published

German police have decided to resume the investigation into the mysterious death of an unknown man, whose body was found in the North Sea in 1994.

According to the results of the examination carried out at the time, it was established that in the water an unknown person aged 45 to 50 was already dead: blows to the head and upper body resulted in death; the body spent about seven months at sea.

At that time, investigators did not have DNA tests. And now, nearly three decades later, the body has been exhumed.

The media has again published details that could help identify an unknown victim. Probably in order for the body to sink to the bottom, the criminals weighed it down with cast iron shoe blocks. It was possible to establish that the lasts were produced by the Bristol J. Jackson shoe factory, which existed from the Victorian era until the sixties of the last century.

The size of the shapes coincides – coincidence or not – with the size of the shoes of the deceased. He wore expensive Church & Co. loafers.

The police are betting that with the development of the Internet, people will be able to help them identify some important details that will allow them to shed light on the truth: for example, among the clothes – a club tie with a unique label – “100% wool”. It is possible that such ties did not go on sale, but were made in a small batch – for club members, company employees or university graduates.

And the police have already received more than fifty calls, the content of which has not yet been revealed.

Using the latest computer technologies, a new photo portrait of the mysterious gentleman has been compiled and published.

Forensic psychologists try to activate people’s memories in a special way: they publish a list of the most significant events that happened in the world during the period when this man was killed.

Fiona Gabbert, head of the forensic psychology department at the Goldsmiths Institute says that “research shows that activating memories from a specific time period can help people remember more information from a specific time period,”

And since, according to forensic experts, the death of a man occurred in late 1993 – early 1994, they suggest remembering: the death of musician Kurt Cobain, the murder of drug dealer Pablo Escobar, the arrest of athlete O. Jay Simpson, the inauguration of South African President Nelson Mandela.

Source: KP

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