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Rising food prices in Germany are forcing manufacturers and restaurateurs to seek a way out of this situation to stay afloat. And one of the restaurants, located in the town of Ratingen (North Rhine-Westphalia), has started charging a fixed entrance fee from visitors.

“Dear guests! Due to extremely high supply, personnel and energy costs, we are unfortunately forced to charge a fee of 3 euros per guest,” the Cedric’s Restaurant website says.

Horst Ingedorn, the restaurant’s owner, said the prices for buying produce had risen so much that he simply had no other choice.

Currently, the price of meat in Germany has increased by almost half, vegetables will cost at least 30% more, energy costs have doubled and the price of frying oil has doubled.

Ingedorn really hopes that with the help of paid admission he can not increase the cost of menu items, but if prices continue to rise, this measure is unlikely to save.

He also said that the institution’s guests reacted to the innovation with composure, but appreciated the honesty of the administration and are always ready to pay a “ticket for a restaurant”. True, everyone very much hopes that the prices will soon return to their previous level and that the paid entry will be canceled.

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