British Defense Secretary: Putin and his entourage ‘reflect’ fascism



British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace will accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of copying 70-year-old fascism in a May 9 speech. The text of the speech, as is customary in Britain, was sent to newspaper editors in advance, with reference to The Guardian informed “New Newspaper. Europe” .

“In invading Ukraine, Putin, his entourage and his generals reflect 70-year-old fascism and tyranny, repeating the mistakes of the totalitarian regimes of the last century,” Wallace said in a speech.

The defense minister is also expected to say that the actions of the Russian military in Ukraine “corrupt the memory of past victims and the once proud reputation of Russia in the world”.

According to Wallace, the professional soldiers were shocked by the behavior of the Russian Federation military, which “bomb civilians, but do not achieve their military objectives”. In his speech, he wrote that the commanders had failed the army and that they needed to be brought to justice.

Previously, the UK had imposed sanctions on Russia and Belarus. The country imposes 35% tariffs on imports of platinum, palladium and Russian chemicals. The amount of the new economic restrictions will be around £1.7 billion ($2.09 billion).

Source: delfi

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