There was no need to offend the people: in Moldova, the ban on the St. George’s Ribbon was dramatically circumvented



The day before, in addition to the ban on wearing the St. George ribbon and the symbols derived from it, fines were also introduced in Moldova for such an administrative offense.

A photo: Dmitri AKHMADULLIN

A real battle took place in Moldova on the eve of Victory Day around the Ribbon of St. George. Not even ribbons, but ribbons. What is customary to tie or pin on the chest by those who remember the feat of Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War.

Remember that the pro-Europeans, led by the President of the Republic, Maia Sandu, have tried to do everything to ensure that this symbol of courage and victory is expelled from the territory of Moldova. In addition to the ban on wearing the ribbon and the symbols derived from it, very large fines have been introduced for such an administrative violation. Even the day before, they promised that the police would not only fine violators of this ban, but also tear and remove their St. George’s ribbons.

But not everything went as planned in Chisinau.

First, in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), they decided to simply care about this ban. Also, for the Tiraspol “Immortal Regiment” a giant ribbon of St. George was made, with which the participants of the action passed.

Moreover, the Chisinau decision provoked fierce resistance in Gagauzia, which has always been distinguished by a strong sense of patriotism. The deputies of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia (NSG), contrary to the decision of the Moldavian capital, adopted their own legislative act, the one on the territory of their autonomy, carrying, storing, etc. The St. George Ribbon is licensed and not limited to anything or anyone.

To neutralize the deputies of Gagauzia, an appeal was quickly concocted to the appeal chamber of Comrat (the capital of the Gagauz autonomy of Moldova), which, on the orders of Chisinau, suspended this act of the NSG. It was expected that while this issue was being decided by the court, the day of victory would already pass, the severity of the conflict would subside, and few people would be interested in it. But Chisinau also miscalculated here. The deputies of the NSG quickly gathered and adopted another document – on the authorization to wear the ribbon of St. George on May 9 without any restrictions. What we call, we also know how to do bureaucracy, and not only the Europeans. Chisinau didn’t have time to object to this decision at all, not a single minute.

However, even in Chisinau itself, the new administrative standards have not become mandatory for everyone. First, the obvious, albeit secret, opposition of the republican authorities to the “immortal regiment”, as well as the campaign against the St. George’s Ribbon, caused a strong anti-government reaction in Moldavian society. And this time even more people took to the streets of Chisinau, as they say in localities, than usual.

Former President of the Republic Igor Dodon, together with another former head of state, Voronin, led the Immortal Regiment column. Dodon defiantly tied the St. George ribbon on the lapel of his jacket, smiling, “Let them try good – we’ll sue.” With him, a ribbon on the chest, many deputies of the Bloc of Communists and Socialists marched in the “immortal regiment”.

Some of the demonstrators came defiantly to the march in orange and black vertical striped T-shirts and smiled as they waited for the reaction of the police stationed to protect public order. And the young people acted even more creatively – young people lined up in a column divided into strips in the colors of their T-shirts – black and orange. And in this way they formed the ribbon of St. George from themselves. The giant victory banner was also brought to the central square of Chisinau.

It is not surprising that the President of Moldova, against the background of all these events, did not appear anywhere, and they even said that she suddenly fell ill. Well, if she really got sick of frustration, then that’s totally understandable. Sandu and his team have nothing to oppose to the popular atmosphere and the vivid creativity of the masses.

But there was simply no need to offend people who remember it.

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