Poland has confirmed hostile state status. Russian ambassador assaulted while laying flowers



Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev covered in paint while laying flowers at the Soviet Soldiers Military Memorial Cemetery. Photo: Irina Polina/TASS

A completely wild incident overshadowed VE Day in Poland. The Russian ambassador, like every year, came to lay a wreath at the memorial to soldiers who died in the liberation of Poland, but a brutal mob of Ukrainians who fled the country wouldn’t let him.

– Fascists! Fascists! – chanted an elated crowd of healthy Ukrainian women and men of military age (obviously preferring a slow protest to the opportunity to defend their views with guns in hand). After that, the ambassador was repeatedly sprayed with red paint. An absolutely clear and unprovoked attack on the head of the diplomatic mission of a sovereign state in the host country.

You can expect anything from Ukrainians. They, especially the Ukrainians, have already staged several performances in European capitals, pouring red paint on themselves, posing as “victims of aggression.” At the same time it happened, after lying down for the allotted time, they got up and immediately, without even changing their clothes, they began knocking cheap wine on the street and even dancing under the influence of strong drinks. Or, for example, as in Paris, after stripping down to their underwear, they sprayed their lower bodies with the same red paint in order, as they said, to attract attention on the “crimes of the Russian troops”.

There are no questions for Ukrainians. In conditions of idleness and stagnation in the absence of prospects, they naturally lose their human appearance. But what is the reason for the inaction of the Polish authorities? After all, the Russian Embassy informed the Polish Foreign Ministry in advance that “on May 9, solemn events will take place on the occasion of Victory Day, and the Embassy hopes that the authorities will take the necessary measures to ensure public order and prevent its violation.

We hoped in vain. For Warsaw, neither international conventions and agreements nor etiquette standards are anything significant. Especially when it comes to Russia, in recent years it has become an empty word for them.

– The Russian Embassy wants to celebrate May 9 in Warsaw and has turned to the Polish Foreign Ministry for support. I am categorically against it. No Polish state institution should participate in this initiative. Moreover – it should be banned, – said Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski.

Poland’s Foreign Ministry, represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz, coyly noted that there were “no plans” to provide support to the Russian Embassy.

“We conveyed our negative position to the embassy,” Przydacz said in turn and transferred the responsibility to the city authorities, explaining that the Foreign Ministry does not have the power to ban ceremonies in Warsaw. , but “the mayor of Warsaw can do it.”

There is a clear and very serious provocation here in terms of consequences. Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian activists received all the information about the time and place, where and when the Russian ambassador would appear, so that they could gather at the appointed time. It should be noted that the Polish police appeared on the spot after the provocation. And didn’t stop anyone. But literally the day before, when the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin, Andriy Melnyk, was greeted by a crowd of Germans with cries of “Melnik out!” – The German police guarded the carcass of the Ukrainian diplomat around the perimeter and did not allow anyone to throw even a rotten chicken egg. Remarkable and very telling comparison.

Could the Russian ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreev, refuse to lay a wreath at the memorial under such conditions? Theoretically, it’s probably possible. But in doing so, he would have aroused a feeling of deep satisfaction among Polish and Ukrainian Russophobes. Did he suspect the impending provocation? He had to allow this possibility. As well as the fact that the provocation could be even more heinous, up to the assassination attempt. But he probably didn’t think he had the right to do otherwise. And he went to the memorial and stood there in perfect calm, maintaining restraint and strength of spirit in the midst of a raging crowd that really encroached on the sacred – paying respect to the dead.

“A man of incredible courage and endurance,” Maria Zakharova, an official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, assessed his behavior in this situation on her Telegram channel. But that’s his personal reaction. And the reaction of the Russian diplomatic department will certainly follow in the coming days.

Poland in this situation is really playing with fire. Recall that the death of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov as a result of a terrorist attack has long complicated Russian-Turkish relations. Poland is clearly asking for similar retaliatory measures. Neither the recall of the Russian ambassador with the expulsion of his Polish colleague from Russia, nor the lowering of the level, or even the complete severance of diplomatic relations, can be excluded.

Moreover, Poland strongly justifies the status of a hostile state to Russia.

This scandal is obviously not without consequences. Poland allowed an insult to the Russian ambassador, but only smeared itself. And not coated with paint.

Source: KP

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