Biden: US military will protect Taiwan if China invades



The US president has announced that he is ready to use the military to protect Taiwan from PRC aggression. The Chinese side protested the US leader’s statements.


How? ‘Or’ What informed The New York Times, at a press conference following talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kushida in Tokyo, Joe Biden admitted he was prepared, if necessary, to use military methods to protect Taiwan. “It’s a commitment we made,” said the American leader. Biden also said that despite the United States continuing to adhere to the “one China” policy, China, in his view, has no right to resolve the issue by force.

By words reporters at the press conference, Biden’s statement caused bewilderment among some members of the U.S. delegation. How after clarified The White House in a press release, “The President reaffirmed his commitment to peace and stability on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and his commitment to providing Taiwan with military means of self-defense.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters that “China expresses strong dissatisfaction and strong protest against the US side’s statement.”

Taiwan is a partially recognized state created by representatives of the Kuomintang party who fled the mainland after the proclamation of the PRC in 1949. Beijing considers the island its territory. The United States maintained diplomatic relations with Taiwan until 1979, but later recognized the People’s Republic of China. Nevertheless, an agreement has been concluded between Washington and Taipei, which provides for defensive assistance from the American side in the event of an external threat against Taiwan.

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