Austria abolishes compulsory vaccination against Covid-19



The provision provided for a fine of up to 3,600 euros for adults

The Austrian government announced Thursday (23) that it will abolish compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 for adults across the country.
The provision – the first and only one in the European Union (EU) – entered into force at the beginning of February, but was suspended before the first checks, scheduled for mid-March, began.
A target of the protests, the initiative was overturned after the office of Chancellor Karl Nehammer said the pandemic no longer posed the same danger due to the drop in cases in the country.
The fine for all over 18s who refuse to get the vaccine – except pregnant women, people on medical exemption and patients recovered from the virus for less than 180 days – could reach € 3,600.
In a press conference, Austrian Health Minister Johannes Rauch said the move caused deep divisions in the country, the scene of thousands of demonstrations.
Furthermore, Rauch explained that the decision to overturn compulsory anti-Covid immunization was made because the Ômicron variant, currently prevalent in the region, did not lead to a significant increase in severe cases of the disease.
“No one is getting vaccinated because the vaccine is mandatory. People have to be convinced to get vaccinated. And we will only reach it voluntarily,” concluded the minister. .

Source: Terra

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