The United Nations says the Taliban are interfering with humanitarian aid, resisting the financial plan



The Taliban, which governs Afghanistan, are resisting UN attempts to help bring humanitarian funds into the country and are interfering with aid delivery, UN aid leader Martin Griffiths told the Security Council on Thursday.

Ever since the hardline Islamic group took power in August, when US-led forces withdrew after two decades of war, international banks have been wary of testing UN and US sanctions, leaving the Nations Unite and humanitarian groups struggling to transfer enough money to conduct operations.

“The formal banking system continues to block transfers due to excessive risk, which affects payment channels and disrupts supply chains,” Griffiths told the 15-member Security Council.

The UN has been trying to start a system – described as the Humanitarian Exchange Facility (HEF) – to exchange millions of dollars in aid in Afghan currency, a plan to contain aid and economic crises and bypass the sanctioned Taliban leaders.

“We see limited progress due to resistance from effective authorities. This is a problem that will not solve itself,” Griffiths said, adding that until Afghanistan’s formal banking system can function properly again, the United Nations they must put the mechanism in place. of humanitarian exchange.

He said about half of the humanitarian groups that recently participated in a UN survey reported difficulties in transferring funds to Afghanistan, down from 87% in October, adding: “The direction is positive, but the number remains alarming “.

Taliban officials are also increasingly interfering with humanitarian aid deliveries, despite promises made to UN officials in September that they would not, Griffiths said.

Source: Terra

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